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Yoga – Viparita Karani

You know that old question: if you were stuck on a desert island and could take only five books which books would you take? So if I were there and had to choose only five yoga posters, without Read more…


Washing every day…

        #@xx.°*#.  I know it is not polite, but may I start this post using bad language? I try to do everything in a good way and then I decide to leave the laundry aside for two or three days (maybe a bit more, a little longer – ten or fifteen days) […] Read more…

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A place in the Sun

  I miss many things from Brazil and one of them is the proximity to the sea. Before I moved from my homeland I used to constantly go to the beach – spicing my routine. Now I have opened up coastlines here in Europe, since crossing the Atlantic every time the urge to go to […] Read more…

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Art bring us near

Life here in Germany has a gentler pace. And in this rhythm I carry out “great-little-things”. An example of these “great-little-things” is drawing with my youngest son, Kevin, the paper sacks for his snacks at school. We draw and paint comfortably together. Castles, pirates, boats, flowers, trees and all our imagination allows. In times like […] Read more…

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